Positive Thinking Creates Positive Results In Small Business.

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Complaining Is Bad For Business So Get Over It Already!


So about 8 years ago, I noticed I was turning grey. I was a bit upset and being under 40 I was also frustrated. As the years went by I was noticing that the grey was more and more profound that I was now having to have my hair professionally colored. I am to the point now that I MUST go in every 4 weeks to have my grey hair colored. This is not only time consuming but a hit in the checkbook each month.

So why am I talking about my grey hair? Because I have come to understand that each one of my grey hairs are earned. They are earned in knowledge, time, giving and receiving of items and emotions in our lives. Really, if you think about it, you have NO control over the grey hair or not however you can attach reason to it. I have attached reasons for my grey hair and I have made sure that they are positive reasons.

I learned a long time ago that you can direct the path in life you take by either thinking positive or negative. We have all heard the grumpy, unhappy person that feels it necessary to complain about everything and if that’s what you give, then that is what you’ll get. Positive thinking and attitudes create positive results. I have earned each one of my grey hairs and I love each one of them because I have done the necessary things in life in a positive manner.

How is the way you think affected your life. Are you a positive person or do you place blame? Try for a week to only think positive thoughts, act positively towards others and enjoy what has come your way. Take an inventory on how this positive thinking has made you feel at the end of seven days versus how you were feeling before.

Life is how you make it, the choice is yours!!

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