Responding to Voicemail And Email Often Can Waste Time.

Small business owners feeling pressure to respond to email or voicemail immediately can take a break.   When is the appropriate amount of time to respond to an email or voicemail? To answer this question, let’s first begin with how often you should be checking your email or voicemail. … [Read more...]

How Your Team Spends Time Is Key to Your Small Business Success.

If your team is focused on tasks that do not achieve your business goals they’re just wasting time.   It's amazing how often we hear "I just don't have enough time"? Why is this? Why don’t we have the time? In most cases, and be honest, it is because we are delusional on where we really … [Read more...]

14 Steps To Continuous Process Improvement In Your Small Business.

Surviving as a small business owner and keeping your sanity will require continuous process improvement in your business.   Continuous Process Improvement is how you can separate yourself from your competitors. With the economic downturn we have experienced in the last few years it’s … [Read more...]

Are Your Small Business Goals Driven By Fear Or Passion?

If the busy work you do is not achieving the desired results in your small business, Coach Kelli says it’s time to look at how you make your decisions. Many small business owners feel busy... however are your busy days, weeks and months giving you the results you hoped for when you started your … [Read more...]